Nick L.

HM3 in 2013, HM2 in 2015, and HM1 in 2017. This product is phenomenal…

Payden N.

Bluejacketeer is amazing! My first time using it my score went from 65 to a 79.9. My second time taking an exam using it I cut an 80!

Roxanne Gutierrez

This is the absolute best resource to use and study from.

Antoinè B

All I used was bluejacketeer to study for my advancement exam this past cycle. 3 months before the exam I started doing questions everyday. I did them in between patient care, while taking care of my daughter and even walking on the treadmill in the gym from the app. I made HM3 off 1% quotas this cycle. I just want to thank you and I will be using you guys to study for my HM2 exam in March.

Nakaela H

I had struggled to advance to HM3 until bluejacketeer made it simple and fun to study! Now I’m ready to study for HM2 using Bluejacketeer agian!

Adam J. B.

This was this first cycle I used your service and was very much against doing so at first. So with that I wanted to pass along my appreciation for the outstanding material breakdown! Due to the manner in which the information was broken down and the option to repeat questions based off difficulty was exactly what I was needing. I was able to supplement my studying and was finally able to get selected for HM1, despite a 2% advancement quota. I will continue to be an advocate for the foreseeable future!

Sabre P

Score 88 percentile my first time taking E6 exam!
I also use this in my EAP classes and we improved exam scores as high as 50%!!!

Steven C

Make 1st class, 1st time using bluejacketeer

Justice C

Blue Jacket will get you there ♥️

Christian V

It’s a good tool to use preparing for HM exams. Highly recommend it.

Cole T

Best app for on the go studying. Nothing replaces reading the bibs in their entirety but this will help boost scores for sure.

Ryan C

Bluejacketeer is hands down the best studying application I have ever used and my scores reflect it. Would highly recommend this over everything else.

Jvon W

the bluejacketeer help me like no other when it came to PMK, and the questions are on point.

Norketa HB

Great study resource, used it for myself and juniors 4 of 5 advanced!

Bobby S

HM3+HM2 99th percentile 👍🏼

Lisa Marie L

One of my Sailors made first as an ET on his first exam using only Bluejacketeer. I recommended it to him and highly recommend to everyone else. <3

Jorge David B

I highly recommend Bluejacketeer to anyone taking the advancement exams �

Mike L

I missed my last exam by .35 and I used Bluejacketeer for a cycle and made CS2 by 18 points. And I was 6 above the test average. This app works!

Jedidiah R

Works great, but only if you use it. You have to do the work. Just picked up and couldn’t have done it without Bluejacketeer.

Jamie L

This app is amazing!!!! The last exam cycle, I scored a 38 on the advancement exam. After using this app for 2 months, I improved my score by 20 points. This past cycle, I scored a 58 and was in the 80th percentile. This app works!!

Kaitlyn A

This was my first time using Bluejacketeer. And while i did not rely on
bluejacketeer alone, it still helped improve my exam score tremendously. I recommend using it along with other study materials. I was able to advance to HM3 thanks to the help of Bluejacketeer.

Kayleah M

The first time I used Bluejacketeer it improved my test score by TWELVE points!!!! This cycle I picked up HM2 by using only the Bluejacketeer 10 week study guide. I love this product and recommend it to all my sailors. THANK YOU BLUEJACKETEER!!!! ���

Porshia JL

I only used the bluejacketeer app and the 10 week study guide. I finally made HM1 this cycle! Thanks bluejacketeer!