What is Bluejacketeer?

Bluejacketeer is a system specifically designed by Sailors to help Sailors prepare for the Navy-wide Advancement Exam.

Our system leverages the benefits of a learning technique known as Spaced Repetition (SR). This learning technique is typically used by individuals who need to efficiently learn a massive amount of information. SR is most commonly used to acquire new languages, and was built into the very fabric of companies like Duolingo, Pimsleur, and of course Anki.

The study environment we've created helps you retain information in your long-term memory using the Spacing Effect.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of the Spacing Effect is: "The phenomenon whereby animals (including humans) more easily remember or learn items when they are studied a few times spaced over a long time span (spaced presentation) rather than repeatedly studied in a short span of time (massed presentation)".

Simply put, the longer you can wait to see a question again and still answer it correctly, the better. Bluejacketeer was built behind the idea of using Spaced Repetition and the Spacing Effect as the key advantage to remembering massive amounts of information pertaining to the advancement exam.

At Bluejacketeer, we believe in learning and understanding KEY material, not just memorizing the answers to thousands of random, unimportant questions. Our highly qualified test writers develop questions based on their own experience studying for the Navy-wide Advancement Exam. To assist you in better understanding the material, we do the following: We link you directly to where we found the answer in the instruction, we show you the meanings of pesky acronyms, and we provide you with excerpts from the instructions for many questions giving you that surrounding information you need for a better understanding.

You will be quizzed in the following formats:

  • Multiple-Choice questions
  • Traditional flashcards
  • Fill-in-the blank questions

Using Spaced Repetition, Bluejacketeer remembers what you get right or wrong, showing you the same question until you get it RIGHT. The more you get a question right, the less often you see it.

Just 15 minutes a day

It's no secret. To score high on the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam, you have to put in the time and the effort. But did you know that if you study for just 15 minutes a day, by the time the exam rolls around you will have put in a solid 45 hours of laser focused preparation? How many of your peers can say that?

We're going to assume that making rank is pretty important to you. You wouldn't be on our website if it wasn't, right? With that said, dedicating just 15 minutes a day towards your advancement studies is a doable task.

We're also going to assume that your time is important to you. When using our system, your progress is saved as you go, allowing you to study in short bursts when you have a few extra minutes. And we both know that you can easily accumulate 15 plus minutes to study throughout the day. If you're in the Navy, you're hurrying up and waiting. Waiting for morning quarters? Study for a few. On the toilet? Study for a few. On commercial break? Study for a few. Put down Clash of Clans and close your Facebook app. That time truly adds up!

How to use Bluejacketeer

You know that you should study for at least 15 minutes a day, but let's be realistic. That's not always going to happen. So make it a goal to just login and answer ONE question, every day. Just like going to the gym, the hardest part is showing up. Once you've started, you'll most likely find yourself breezing through questions. You might actually find it fun.

We recommend using Bluejacketeer as a tool in addition to reading through, highlighting, and getting to know the instructions on your bib. But by studying with Bluejacketeer you will build a foundation of knowledge. You will notice that this foundation of knowledge obtained by studying with Bluejacketeer will make it easier for you to acquire even more, relatable information as you read through your bibs. You will also notice, over time, that little facts become readily available to you on-the-job. You will find that you appear to others as more knowledgeable in your rate. Our mission is to not only get you advanced, but to make you a better Sailor. What we believe is simple. Know your job. Do your job. Get promoted.

How it works

Imagine a stack of 1,000 regular old index flashcards. That's a lot right?

Now image yourself studying with those flashcards.

You relax, take a deep breath, and draw the top card... Good! You answered it correctly.

Now you place it near the bottom of the stack. You then draw the second card and answer it... incorrectly...

So, you'd like to see it again soon, right?

So you place it only 10 cards from the top. Repeat this process. This is essentially how the Bluejacketeer system works. It helps you organize the information you know, from the information you don't.

Simply put, Bluejacketeer improves your ability to remember information by repeatedly showing you the same questions. The more you answer correctly, the less often you see it.

Eventually, you'll have a wealth of knowledge and facts in your repertoire that you don't have to review for a year at a time, but can easily recall when needed.

It's a quick, simple and incredibly efficient study tool, and will dramatically boost your chances of passing the advancement exam and gaining promotion, while saving you heaps of time!

Why is Bluejacketeer so Effective?

Spaced Repetition Software - Our proprietary software algorithm is what makes Bluejacketeer so unique and efficient. This is where the magic happens. This is what will save you time. And nothing like this exists anywhere else.

High quality study material - All our material is developed by Active duty, Retired, or Veteran Sailors who served within the rate in which they develop questions for. Their experience varies across the board, but all of which are highly qualified and have achieved success with the advancement exam.

Updated bibliographies - We are constantly developing new material, and holds an extensive library of PMK and Occupational study material, covering most, if not all the items on your bibliography. We cover the Active Duty, Reserve, and Substitute exams for all paygrades, for available rates.

Topics and Subtopics - WOur website is designed to allow you to focus on your weaknesses, and make them into your strengths. In addition to providing our material by reference, we also categorize it by Topic and Subtopic the same way it shows on your bibliography. Use your previous profile sheet to determine which Subtopics you should focus on first!

Multiple Choice Flashcard mode - This allows you to study in a multiple choice environment (just like you would on the exam) and continually test yourself with questions you’re unsure of.

Traditional Flashcard mode - Alternatively, for better memory retention, you can choose to study in traditional flashcard mode for most questions.

Link to PDF - We provide a link directly to the page in the instruction where we found the answer (provided that the instruction may be digitally distributed legally).

Excerpts from references - Excerpts are provided directly from the instructions for most questions and answers. This gives you vital "extra" information, so you're not only memorizing that particular answer, but you're also getting the context that surrounds it, widening your knowledge of that subject.

Outstanding study material

We hire active duty Sailors with excellent credentials within your rating community to develop key study material. The following is a message from our lead writer for the HM community:

As a previous Hospital Corpsman “A” School Instructor, I can say that I believe fully in the Bluejacketeer concept.

My knowledge and experience of the Navy Advancement system and test writing strategies has led me to achieving success in the Hospital Corpsman rating. I was promoted to the rank of E-6 after taking a total of 4 exams in my career. I have consistently scored in the 99 percentile and recently scored an 80 on the active duty E-7 exam.

I understand the interworking’s of the Navy Advancement system so that you don’t have to. My goal as the Lead Writer is to ensure that the questions and content you are seeing while studying are pertinent to the exam based on what I have seen on previous exams and what I believe to be possible questions.

Myself and my team of writers are all current active duty Hospital Corpsman doing the job every day, and working hard to aide in your advancement success every night. We personally screen and write questions from every topic on the bibliography based on our knowledge of the exam writing process.

What makes Bluejacketeer stand out from other Navy Advancement preparation websites is that all of our study material is created by individuals who have taken the Navy Wide Advancement exam and have been successful. Between myself and our other writers, we have scored an 80 on the exam four times. Other sites utilize civilian test writers who look at topics as just an opportunity to write questions but do not actually understand what is important, leading you to wasting valuable time.

My approach to helping you succeed is to not only assist you in learning but also in retaining material for the long term. The Spaced Repetition method we employ encompasses the same concepts that I would use as an Instructor to take a Sailor straight out of Boot Camp and turn them into a Hospital Corpsman.

Our other products such as the 10 Weeks Study Plan and Podcast episodes further enhance your study resources giving you more tools to utilize while studying, optimizing your potential for overall success.

I promise to you as your Lead Writer, that I will do my best to ensure that what you are getting out of Bluejacketeer is the very best in advancement exam preparation. I strive to assist with your personal advancement in any way possible. Also, unlike other sites, where the writers are faceless and nameless, I promise to make myself visible and available through social media for anything that you may need while using one of our products.

With Bluejacketeer and a little motivation your name will be on the Selectee list in no time, Good Luck Doc’s!

Leemauk, J. A.

So what's it to be, Shipmate?

This test cycle is your opportunity to advance. It's your turn, you just have to do the work. Don't procrastinate until the last week to start studying. Start today and grab your unfair advantage over your competition with Bluejacketeer, the #1 study tool for the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam.