Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Which bibliographies do you support?

We support BMR material for all rating exams. For in-rate, we support all HM advancement exam bibliographies, including substitute and reservist bibs.

When will you support my rate?

We’re currently supporting our pilot rate, HM, while we build our software platform. After we feel that we are established enough and we feel that we can expand to other rates while maintaining a high level of quality, we will do just that. Unfortunately, we do not have a set timeline that we can share. It is our intention to serve every rate in the U.S. Navy.

Questions about your account

I just signed up. Which rating exam should I choose?

Select the actual rating exam you will be taking. For example, if you’re an HM3, then you will be taking the HM2 rating exam. So in this example, you would choose the HM2 rating exam on our website.

I missed the regular exam and need to study for the substitute exam. Can you change my rating exam on the site?

Yes, email us at support@bluejacketeer or use our Contact page, and we’ll change your account asap.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

If you aren't satisfied with your Bluejacketeer account, just let us know within the first 30 days and we will be happy to refund your money.

How does the annual recurring subscription work?

Our web services are offered as an annual recurring subscription. This means that your card will be charged every year on the day you signed up, until canceled.

How do I cancel my account?

Go to your Account page and click “Cancel subscription”.

Questions about studying

After I sign up, how do I get started?

When you first log in and visit your dashboard, you will be prompted to choose the rating exam you are studying for. Next, you can start studying by choosing a quiz from your bibliography. You can choose an individual topic, or study everything together using “Comprehensive Study”.

What are the “Learning, Review today, and New” numbers on my Dashboard for?

This is your questions status. Questions in the Learning category are questions that you have answered incorrectly, and need to be reviewed shortly. Questions in the Review today category are questions that are due to be reviewed within 16 hours. Questions in the New category are questions that have not been seen yet.

Questions are shown to you in the following priority: 1. Learning, 2. Review today, 3. New.

What are the “Hard, Normal, and Easy” buttons for?

These buttons allow you to decide when you want to see a question again. If you answer a question wrong, you will always be presented the options of <1 minute> <10 minutes> <1 day>. However, if you get a question right, the times on these buttons will increase. The more you answer a question correctly, the longer these times will increase.

Tip: Try to get all of your questions past 30 days!