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40% of active-duty Sailors who advanced to PO1 during cycle 256 were Bluejacketeer customers.*

See how we can help your advancement.

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80% of active-duty Hospital Corpsmen promoted to HM1 for Cycle 256 were Bluejacketeer customers.*

See how we can help your advancement.

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64% of active-duty Legalmen promoted to LN1 for Cycle 256 were Bluejacketeer customers.*

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54% of active-duty Master-at-Arms promoted to MA1 for Cycle 256 were Bluejacketeer customers.*

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Updated Bibliographies

We mirror the bibliography and topics released by the Navy Advancement Center for your rating exam and update them each cycle.

Study Offline, From Anywhere

Study at work, aboard ship, or anytime you have a free minute with our mobile app. Go offline for up to 30 days at a time.

Know Your Percentile

Our new dashboard keeps track of your performance and shows you how you compare against peers in your rating exam.

Personalized Study Plan

Know what to study with a personalized plan based on your study needs by subtopic. We make sure you know exactly what you have to cover each week so it’ll be smooth sailing come exam day.

Practice Exams & Daily Quizzes

Test your knowledge with two timed 175-question practice exams, or take a daily 20-question quiz.

Warfare Qualifications Included

Our platform includes invaluable study materials that will help you prepare for ESWS, FMF, EAWS, EXW, and SCW guides.

Take Advantage of Our Free Trial

Get access to all features! Use our mobile or desktop app to easily study your bibliography and get started with your personalized study plan with a free trial today.

How it works

Spaced Repetition Studying Helps You Remember Everything

Our system improves recall for people learning massive amounts of information. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, then spend time where you need it most.

Save Time with Smart Question Delivery

Bluejacketeer can help improve your ability to remember information by repeatedly showing you the same questions—developed by active-duty Sailors well-versed in the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam. The more questions you answer correctly, the less often you see them. Questions are automatically delivered right before you’re likely to forget.

Choose Your Preferred Study Method

Now with expanded options, study how you learn best. Choose by reference, subtopic, study plan, daily random 20, or simply jump in to Study All. Your progress is saved across study methods so you can pick up at any time.

Questions Prioritized by Difficulty

After you answer each question and study the relevant text straight from the reference, choose a rank based on how difficult it was for you. If you choose Easy, you’ll see the question less often. If you choose Hard, you’ll see the question more often. It’s that easy!

Built for Sailors, by Sailors

Bluejacketeer was created by U.S. Navy Sailors to help streamline our shipmates’ study approach, providing guidance and structure for the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam. With that mission in mind, we hire only rating experts who have demonstrated exceptional performance in multiple platforms to develop all of our study materials and employ a team of experts to answer any questions you may have on your education journey.

Now supported by Kaplan, we are transforming learning through new technologies. Kaplan has been a leader in test prep for more than 80 years, helping students at all stages of their lives and careers advance professionally.

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So What’s It to Be, Shipmate?

This test cycle is your opportunity to advance. Start today and get an advantage over your competition with Bluejacketeer, the comprehensive study tool for the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam.