About us

We first thought of the idea for Bluejacketeer in 2011 while researching different learning techniques to learn a new language. In our research, we stumbled upon a learning technique known as "Spaced Repetition", and quickly realized that it was the perfect way to study for the Navy-Wide Advancement Exam. With the lack of resources and guidance available for Sailors, and with the technology available today, we saw it as a great opportunity to help our shipmates by providing structure and guidance to their studies.

Development started in December 2013 and we proudly launched our website in August of 2014. Our goal is to bring an organized and effective way to study for advancement to all Sailors.

We truly believe we can make a positive impact on the Navy and it's Sailors. Together, with your help, we can improve the fleet one Sailor, one question at a time.

We hire active duty Sailors with only the best credentials within your rating community to develop key study material. We decided to serve the HM community first, but we are currently expanding to the MA community.

Allen Wood Allen Wood - Technical Director

Allen founded Bluejacketeer in 2013 with his wife, Monica, a former OS2. He served in the U.S. Navy from 2008-2016, as an ET2. He served onboard the USS Emory S. Land and USS Coronado.

His experience in the Navy combined with his desire to make an impact, and his drive to build things allowed him to deliver a unique and revolutionary study system, designed specifically for Sailors.

Jonny Coreson Jonny Coreson - Business Director

Jonny met Allen while running a business developing children's quiz games on mobile platforms. His business accomplishments include successfully negotiating terms with Fuhu to land his game on their premier exclusive content list for Nabi Pass, a subscription-based service similar to Netflix.

Jonny is an Active Duty RP1 with many successful tours and 9 years of service. He has been a career counselor of a Naval Hospital which gives him specific insight into the career progression and knowledge required for Sailors to advance. This along with his passion for entrepreneurism are what drove him to cofound Patriot Labs LLC, the parent company of Bluejacketeer with Allen in February of 2016.